The hotel boasts a permanent exhibition about hunting, displaying trophies from four continents in an interactive way, with the aid of sounds and images. The purpose of the exhibition is to display the spirit of hunting, the love of nature and the fauna of remote lands.

‘Hunting is first an opportunity for the hunter to practice strict discipline, next it is a means to get to know and understand other creatures. It teaches one to think, trains one for the love of freedom, good taste and respect. It leads to an intense observation of nature and related phenomena. Hunting directs the development of the hunter’s personality in the right direction. It develops such ethical values in one without which hunting would be the mere manifestation of feeble instincts.’

Hunor Hunting Exhibition entrance fees



1000 HUF


800 HUF

Children (3-18)

800 HUF

Children (under 3)


  • 10% discount for groups of 15 or over
  • 15% discount for groups of 30 or over
  • Free for hotel guests and à la carte visitors
  • Opening hours:
  • every day 07:00-20:00