Program Offers


Excursion in Bereg

Discover the cultural and natural sights of the Bereg region! The nine-station tour is a 120-kilometre round trip including the major sights of the region, and is excellent amusement for the lovers of nature, culture and history. The program is available individually or in groups, and with a bus or bicycles on demand. Its duration is either one full day or one half day.
Vásárosnamény – Tákos – Csaroda – Tarpa – Szatmárcseke – Tiszacsécse – Tiszacsécse – Kölcse – Túristvándi – Vásárosnamény


Touring in Bereg

Besides its cultural and historical sights, the region boasts exquisite natural conditions – the forests and riverbanks offer a great opportunity for those preferring an active holiday, be it a bicycle tour or a hiking tour.

Visitors who wish to stay close to the hotel can wander along the riverbank paths of the River Szamos. If you feel like taking a tour, we recommend exploring the forests of Bockerek, Lónya and Fény, the Bátorliget Moor or a walk on the riverbanks.


Excursion in Szabolcs

Following the explorations in the Bereg region, a further opportunity awaits visitors: a four-station program covering 150 km. The first station is the Greek Catholic church of Máriapócs, which is a national pilgrimage destination. The next station is Nyírbátor and the Báthory Castle with its exhibition of contemporary instruments and life-size wax figures. The third station is Nyíregyháza, our county town. Here visitors can make themselves familiar with the city centre, where Hungary’s largest and most beautiful zoo is located along with a village museum, offering a whole day’s program. On the way back, guests may close the program by visiting the castle of Kisvárda and its surroundings.

Vásárosnamény – Máriapócs – Nyírbátor – Nyíregyháza – Kisvárda – Vásárosnamény


Beaches of the region

Apart from the free beaches in Gergelyiugornya and Jánd on the River Tisza, we also recommend the thermal bath of our town, Szilva Thermal and Wellness Bath, and Atlantika Aquapark with pools, slides, seal show and many other programs.


Evening entertainment

The banks of the Tisza have a busy nightlife in summer – whether you wish to bathe during the day or dine and party at night, several restaurants and bars in Gergelyiugornya and Tivadar will serve your needs.

Visitors may also spend a lovely evening in Móricz Zsigmond Theatre of Nyíregyháza or the Castle Theatre of Kisvárda.